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OneRepublic October 24, 2007

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OneRepublic Myspace Page

I’m going to put these guys on the “watch for them, really, really soon” list. Timbaland released his new single “Apologize” and listed it featuring OneRepublic, when really it should be OneRepublic featuring Timbaland. Either way, it’s a great song, and the band will be releasing their first CD on November 20th. Mark your calenders!

OneRepublic considers its music to be influenced by everyone from the Beatles to U2, and anything in between. “We’re no respector of genre,” says frontman Tedder, “If it’s a good song or a good artist whether rock, pop, indie or hip hop, they’ve probably influenced us on some level…nothing’s new under the sun, we’re a sum of a bunch of parts.” They aspire to move their listeners the way Bono does onstage. “You go to a U2 concert and it’s like church,” Tedder says. “I’d love to make people feel like that. I don’t want someone to just say, ‘Oh, nice voice, nice song.’ I want that person to walk away and feel like he or she has had a religious experience; we want them to feel moved.”


Interview about the upcoming CD:



Athlete August 25, 2007

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Quick post:

Friends since the age of fourteen, Athlete took their wide ranging influences such as GrandaddyThe Flaming Lips and started jamming and practicing in the basement of The Bear, a pub which was converted into a church and sandwich bar, on Deptford High Street in 1999. They began recording there, before sending demos out. Signing with Regal Recordings, they released their first single in February 2002. The band came to prominence in 2003 with their debut album, and Vehicles and Animals, producing popular singles such as “You Got the Style” and “El Salvador”. The album earned a Mercury Music Prize nomination and went on to sell over 250,000 copies.

Their second album, Tourist, reached Number One in the UK Album Charts in its first week, following the huge success of single Wires, which, in 2006, won them the Ivor Novello Award for “Best Contemporary Song”.



El Salvador:

KT Tunstall – Hold On July 12, 2007

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KT tunstall has a new cd coming! She just release her new single from the upcoming album Drastic Fantastic. You can listen to the single Hold On right here.

I love it – it’s catchy ;).


Amy Winehouse June 24, 2007

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Second up is Amy Winehouse! I love her newest cd, and to be honest, the real reason I am highlighting her is because the DJ’s in my area had no idea who she was. I found that a little sad.

“I didnt want to play the jazz thing up too much again she says now, sitting in the snug of her favourite Camden boozer. Id been listening to a lot of girl-groups from the fifties and sixties. I liked the simplicity of that stuff. It just gets to the point. You can hear it on the subtley Supremes-referencing intro of Back To Black. But her reach stretches further, Amy can break loose with Aretha-style vocal stylings on Just Friends or by turning the whole idea of drying out into a gospel spiritual on the stunning opener Rehab. Which other female British singer could turn the opening line on her album – try to make me go to rehab/I say no, no, no into a churchy stomp.”

Back to Black-


Acoustic “Valerie”

Muse June 24, 2007

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I know, I know – I have been really horrible about this. To make up for it – I’ll highlight two bands that I’ve been listening to recently!

First up is Muse. Three-man band out of the UK, and I personally love their big sound rock. Enjoy!

If Muse sound like a new band on ‘Black Holes and Revelations’ it’s because, after Glastonbury, they are: expanded of mind, settled of spirit and anything but sedentary of sound. ‘Absolution 2: Back To The Planets’, this most certainly is not. For continuity, in fact, we must look to the lyrical themes, where fans of the apocalyptic soundbite, the madcap conspiracy theory, the revolutionary rabble-rousing, the weird stuff about aliens inventing all earthly religions and other such classic Muse concerns will not be disappointed. But whereas ‘Absolution’ gazed on helplessly at the subjugation of humanity by corrupt world leaders and encroaching environmental or galactic disasters (and certainly, ‘Black Holes And Revelations’ has its fair share of climate change/oil crisis/global inflagration paranoia). “I think we’re approaching that time,” says Matt “If you look at those protests in France, the size and level of protest doesn’t really relate to what they’re protesting about. I think there’s something underneath that people are feeling, particularly the younger generation. We feel like we’ve been born into some pre-created situation where we don’t actually have any control over anything. We’ve got an aging population as well and that control factor grates a little bit. I feel, through this album, that I’m feeling pessimistic and frustrated about it all but at the same time I’m not against revolutionary moves and I wouldn’t be ashamed to have incited a small riot, if it’s for a good cause.”

My personal Fav:
City of Delusion-

Butterflies and Hurricanes-


Not a super high quality acoustic video after the cut! (more…)

Mash ups! May 26, 2007

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Its been awhile! I got a new Job!


Anyway, I was browsing through Youtube and found some pretty cool videos by a guy named chrysler76. He had some pretty creative mash ups that I thought I’d share!

Kelly Clarkson and Led Zeppelin

Kelly with Green Day

Foo Fighters with Guns N Roses

Aqualung April 29, 2007

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Finals are almost here! Then I’m free for the summer, woohoo!

From his website at aqualung.net:

“’This whole project has been blessed with many instances of good luck,’ says Matt Hales about Memory Man, the emotionally gripping new Aqualung album. Hales, of course, is the inhabiting spirit of Aqualung, a musical space that he creates with the help of his wife Kim Oliver, with whom he co-writes, and his brother Ben Hales, with whom he also co-writes and who plays guitar and bass. Trained on keyboards as a young child in England, Matt Hales sings Aqualung’s songs in a voice that conveys equal parts vulnerability and a cool cerebral distance.”

His new cd, “Memory Man,” is avalible on itunes now!

My favorite song from the cd – Pressure Suit




Hopefully that ^ works… A few more videos after the cut!


Jon Cleary April 2, 2007

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I know everyone says that people watch way too much tv, but if I didn’t – I would have never found this next artist. Jon Cleary is a brillant pianist who has lived in New Orleans for quite a few years now. His song “Got to be More Careful” was featured on Fox’s House sometime last year. His cd’s are great fun – a lot of jazz, blues, and funk.

His Website

Born in Kent, England, Cleary has educated himself in the musical culture and life of New Orleans for the past 20 years steeped in the sounds of the Caribbean from Cuba to Haiti and beyond. His deft piano style and unmistakable vocals are heard on recordings by Bonnie Raitt, Taj Mahal, B.B. King, Ryan Adams, and Eric Burdon. Clearys original compositions have been recorded by Taj Mahal on Phantom Blues, and Bonnie Raitts most recent albums Souls Alike and Silver Lining. Cleary does double duty performing as full-time keyboardist for Grammy Winner Bonnie Raitt when not touring with his the Absolute Monster Gentlemen.

Jon Cleary radio (hopefully this works!)

Short video of Jon playing “Big Chief” for a documentary:

Video of Tipitina after the cut (more…)

Harry Potter 7 March 28, 2007

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Not music related at all, but here is the new Harry Potter cover for book 7!

Band of Horses March 25, 2007

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I’ll be honest – I really don’t know this band all that well. A friend of mine requested a post about them. I listened to a few clips here and there, and I liked what I heard. They released “Everything all the Time” about a year ago, and I’ve been told that they are already working on another one. Best of luck guys!

Their Myspace.

The Funeral:

The Great Salt Lake: